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Edition 2 is available! Click the tag on the left for more information, or download your order form straight away and get it off in the mail to us.

The book is current to the end of December 2012.

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 The first thing you’re going to ask is “What on earth is a pictormark?” Fair question with an easy answer: it’s a contraction of two words “pictorial” and “postmark which equals pictormark and it just so happens it’s a registered trademark. Told you it was easy.

We keep you informed of the latest events through our blog, which we are hoping will help us to keep you abreast of everything to do with Australia’s pictorial and commemorative postmarks. If you’d like ongoing reminders of when something important is going to happen, sign up for our newsletter to be “ahead of the rest”! 

Sometimes strange things happen. This was the “on again off again” Girl Guides postmark from January 2010:


And how about interesting combination from Milton in NSW, celebrating their Centenary. Take your time ... see if you can “spot the problem”:

 Australian PictorMarks itself is currently out of print and we are working on Edition 2 as you read this. Every pictorial and commemorative postmark used in Australia from 1879 will  be depicted, and you can register your interest by contacting us here with your details and you will be among the first to own the new edition! If you’d like to have input to Edition 2, or have reasonable suggestions to enhance it, please make them at our blog.

In the interim, here’s just a few pictorial postmarks with a distinctly Aussie flavour:




If you’re new to the hobby and want to know more, have a look at our “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page.




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